Bā Zhái - The Eight Life Palaces - Ebook

With this book, Master Han explains to you, in detail, with supporting illustrations and concrete examples, everything you need to know about the Bā Zhái system and its applications.

With this book, you will be able to understand the principles of Bā Zhái, in order to use them to analyze your place of life.

With this book, you will also understand that this system is complete, complex and subtle, like all Feng Shui systems.

In this book, Master Han also gives you his “secrets” for specific results such as improving your health, finding love or conceiving a child.


Author: Master Han.

“The Secret Way” Editions.

Ebook version – Pdf file.

Language: English

127 pages.

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Bā Zhái, 八宅, means “Eight Mansions” in Chinese. However it does not mean that there are eight different types of house or dwelling. This
means that there are eight different types of relationships between people and their homes.

Bā Zhái is the method par excellence to establish the correlation between each individual and his place of life or work, in order to allow him
to make the most of it, in terms of Qi, of course.

The priority objective is to choose the right places to live, according to their good integration into their environment as well as the good
suitability of people to their internal arrangement.

A dwelling can be very beneficial for some individuals and very harmful for others, according to the method of Bā Zhái.

The Bā Zhái is the choice to live in a certain house or a certain apartment, the choice to sleep in a certain room, to use a
certain bathroom, to cook in a certain place, to watch television in a certain armchair, to place his desk in a certain
direction, etc.


  • The Eight Life Trigram
    • The Eight Mìng Guà
    • Calculation of the Mìng Guà
    • East Group and West Group
  • The Eight Types of Qi
    • Yang-Yin duality
    • The Five Elements
    • Opposition Principle
    • Suppression Principle
    • Temporal fluctuations
  • Distribution of the Eight Types of Qi
    • The Nine Palaces Grid
    • The Twenty-Four Mountains
    • Distribution of the Eight Types of Qi for each Mìng Guà
    • Theory of the Eight Types of Qi
  • Methodology of Bā Zhái
    • Locations and Directions
    • Key Factors
    • The Life Palace
    • Harmonizing East Group and West Group
  • Specific Applications
    • Bā Zhái for Health
    • Bā Zhái for Love & Family
    • Bā Zhái for Career and Money
  • Conclusion

Excerpts from the book