Feng Shui

canalizing and harnessing Qi

For your health, your family, your money...

Feng Shui is the science of analyzing, canalizing and harnessing Qi of environment and dwellings to improve people’s well-being, relationships and prosperity.
Feng Shui is composed of a high number of parameters that must all be taken into account to make correct assessments and efficient recommendations.

A lot of problems can be solved through a Feng Shui audit made by Master Han, including health, financial and relationships issues.

Those who appeared after you moved in your new house or after you made renovations in your house are certainly related to Feng Shui.

The sooner you can improve your residential Feng Shui, the sooner you will get results! Don’t let bad situations become worse! Call Master Han today!

For realizing the Feng Shui optimization of your living place, Master Han makes all analysis and calculations onsite, in your place.

Residential Feng Shui Audit

Feng Shui audit by Master Han

Master Han establish a complete and comprehensive diagnosis of your living place.

He then gives you all hisrecommendations right away. He provides a written report illustrated withdrawings and floorplans for you to correctly implement his advice.

After the audit, Master Han will follow your case during one year to watch the changes and the results.

With your residential Feng Shui audit, Master Han also offers the Ba Zi reading for all family members living in the house.

Find the way to happiness

Good results can be seen after a few weeks only but usually, we consider a period of 3 to 6 months to measure the real improvements.

Results of a Feng Shui audit by Master Han are tangible and lasting, but they are limited by the house environment, architecture and layout. This is why it is always better to apply Feng Shui before buying or building a new place.

Highly Experienced Master

As a highly experienced Master in all Feng Shui systems

San He (landscape and architecture), San Yuan (time and space), Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagrams), Ba Zhai (8 Mansions)

Master Han applies, in each and every situation, all his skills, to optimize the Feng Shui Quality of the given place.

Master Han is also one of the rare specialists of the subtle and powerful water methods, such as “Water Dragon Classic” and “Five Ghost Carry Treasure”, that can bring outstanding prosperity results to those who can apply them.

Don't wait until it's too late!

When the situation is out of control and, despite all your efforts, nothing seems to be improved, a Feng Shui by Master Han is the solution, the help you need to find the way to happiness.