Ba Zi

Life Chart Reading

Ba Zi
Life Chart Reading

Life Chart Reading

Ba Zi is not a method of divination, nor of prediction..

Ba Zi 八字 is the Taoist method of reading your date of birth, designed to guiding you, helping you make good decisions, living in harmony with who  you are, finding the path to your own fulfillment.

It is said that your Ba Zi Chart is a reflection of your destiny.

But what does “Destiny” mean? Your destiny is not written in advance.

You write, yourself, your own Destiny, as you go through your existence, by making various choices.

All of these choices lead you to a particular destiny, but are these choices good?

Is the destiny you choose the right one? Is she the right one for you?

The good destiny is that which is in harmony with Who you really are, with your deep and true Nature, with your Soul.

The analysis of your Ba Zi Chart allows you to better understand Who you are, what is your true nature, what is your Soul and what Life corresponds to your Soul, to You

Bā Zì


Bā Zì, 八字, means “Eight Words” because eight ideograms form a birth chart, two for the year, two for the month, two for the day and two for the hour. We also use the term “Four Pillars“, 四柱, naming each pair of ideograms a Pillar.

Ba Zi is a Taoist science, based on Taoist fundamentals. As such, it must always respond to these fundamental principles, those of Taoism.
Tao is the Way, . Life is a way. Destiny, 命運, is a way. The Way is not mapped out in advance. It is drawn by the individual himself, as he lives, by his choices, actions and thoughts. Every human being has free will. Every human life is based on free will. Free will can only be absolute, otherwise it does not exist.

Ba Zi Reading

Know Who You Are,
Be Who You Are

A Ba Zi reading by Master Han is made for knowing you better, for understanding better who you are and what are your real aspirations.

With a Ba Zi reading by Master Han, you can make better choices, more in line with who you really are, and you can get what you want more easily.

A Ba Zi reading by Master Han shows you what is the right path for you to follow, to be happy, to befulfilled, to succeed, to accomplish yourself.

A Ba Zi consultation with Master Han can answer many questions

• Who am I?

• What is my Way?

• Why did I come into the world?

• Do I have a mission and what is it?

• What path do I need to follow to be successful?

• What are my strengths and how can I use them?

• Which career, which company, which professional field?

• How can I improve my romantic, family and social relationships?

With Master Han

Go Deeper in your True Self

Thanks to your Ba Zi Chart reading by Master Han, you will penetrate deeply into your True Identity to find the answers to all the questions you ask yourself.
All the answers are within you, but sometimes you need a Master to guide you and find them.
Your Ba Zi Chart reading by Master Han can also be made during an Online Personal Guidance session.
You can book a unique session of 2 hours for the comprehensive reading of your birth chart and all the recommendations that flow from it.
If you want an advanced  consultation with your Ba Zi reading and its follow-up, you can book a 2-sessions plan.
For an extended, deeper, more detailed analysis and guidance, you might want to book a 3-sessions plan.
For a long term life guidance, you might prefer to book a program on 6 sessions or even 12 sessions.