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A Natural Taoist method to balance Weight, Vitality, Health

The question of weight is a crucial issue for the physical and emotional balance of any person. To answer this, the vast majority of approaches and methods are only based on an unilateral and general manner, by only studying food nutritious or chemical characteristics.

This is why these methods are generally not effective. They lack an essential and yet so obvious aspect: the person and his natural, individual, specific relationship to food.

Let us understand correctly, “natural” means which takes into account the nature of the person, the person’s identity, the person’s own physiology, the particular reaction of the organism to various types of food.

For thousands of years, Taoists have studied in detail and depth the nature of things, of the environment, of space, of time and of people, of their body and of their mind. The Taoist Masters perfectly know that it is necessary to fully understand the person in order to recommend a beneficial living environment (Feng Shui), an optimal professional field of activity (Ba Zi), an appropriate medical treatment (TCM) or even an adequate diet.

However, this approach has now been lost because very few practitioners know how to precisely and efficiently analyze each person’s natural relationship to food. Master Han rediscovered this fine and relevant analysis through a large number of analyzes of birth charts compared to lifestyle habits, for several years. He designed a method that is both natural, gentle and very effective: the PTA Method.

Master Han’s PTA Method, Personalized Taoist Alimentation, his exclusive method, is based on the Taoist principle of the 5 Elements and takes into account the intimate physical relationship of the individual with food, classified according to this principle.

the right foods
according to their Qi

Food quality

For the Taoist, the quality of each food, collected, cultivated, created, in a natural or artificial way, does not rest on its chemical composition, nor on any organic label… The only quality which acts in a significant way, for a given food , is its "elementary" nature, identified by the Taoist principle of the 5 Elements (五行, Wu Xing).

Food balance

Foods which create excess of an Element are not recommended. They can cause physiological imbalances resulting in weight problems or various pathologies.

5 Elements

The foods recommended for each person are foods that complete the innate distribution and provide a good balance of the 5 Elements, providing the Elements little present initially and draining the Elements and strong representation.

Personalized Taoist Alimentation Consultation

 by Master Han

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Master Han's Taoist Dietetics Method is for you!

The Personalized Taoist Alimentation consultation with Master Han can be made by Online Personal Guidance sessions.

The consultation can be made with one session, 3 sessions or more, depending on your needs and on how closely you want Master Han to follow your personal diet plan and its effect on your body and your health.

One Session Consultation

During this 2-hour interview by video conference, Master Han will define your specific Five Elements Balance, based on your Ba Zi Chart amd on your weekly eating habits.

He will then establish your personalized dietary recommendations for rebalancing your body Qi. helping you to reach your ideal weight, to regain vitality and to solve your health issues.

Three Session Consultation Plan

With three sessions, you will benefit from a follow-up in order to check your diet plan and adjust it for having the best possible results in the most comfortable and easiest way for you.

Sessions are separated by a month, but you can request Master Han’s help and use a session whenever you need it.

The 3 sessions consultation is the best plan to improve, on the long term, the way you eat, for the real benefit and the real pleasure of foods.

Longer plans

If you want to engage in a more complete, broader process, of which nutrition is only one of the many aspects, you can include your Personalized Taoist Alimentation program in a Personal Guidance Plan of 6 sessions or 12 sessions.