Personalized Taoist Alimentation Consultation by Master Han

Your Personal Taoist Alimentation (PTA) analysis and recommendations by Master Han.

Based on your date of birth and your eating habits, Master Han will establish your personal pattern of the 5 Elements.

He will then recommend you specific foods and drinks in order to better balance the 5 Elements pattern.

Master Han’s exclusive PTA method will help you better regulate your weight, have a better vitality and be in a healthier condition.

The consultation is made online, by Skype and it consist in 1, 2 or 3 sessions, spaced about a month apart.

Guidance plans:

  • The one-session plan is made for establishing your essential alimentation program.
  • The two-sessions plan is made for an effective alimentation program with a follow-up for adjustments.
  • The three-sessions plan is made for an accurate alimentation program with 2 follow-ups, detailed results check and final adjustments.

Once your purchase is confirmed, Master Han will directly contact you for setting the first appointment.

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