By Master Han

Guidance for Students and Practitioners in Taoist Sciences


You are studying or practicing Feng Shui or Ba Zi, but you still have some difficulties understanding certain principles, using certain methods, or achieving certain results.


You have already followed trainings and courses with various teachers, but you feel that they are still insufficient to assimilate, interpret, apply, to master the knowledge of Feng Shui.


You are a practitioner in Feng Shui or Ba Zi but you are still facing problematic cases, with unsatisfactory results, and you want the insight of a true Master to allow you to see more clearly.


The coaching sessions with Master Han are carried out by Skype and last two hours, at the maximum rate of one session per week and minimum of one session per month, according to your availability and that of Master Han.

Personal Guidance sessions with Master Han allow you to clarify all the principles and methods you have learned, to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, and to guide you towards assimilating and using what is correct and efficient.

Guidance sessions are based directly on the knowledge that you most need to acquire or confirm. Guidance sessions directly concern your problems, your questions, your objectives.

For optimal efficiency of the guidance process for Feng Shui Practitioners and Students, it is recommended to download and study Master Han’s workbooks, available for free from the Teaching section of this site.

Guidance for life path, health, relationships, career ...

Master Han is a true Taoist Master who perfectly manipulates the authentic concepts of Taoism, of this ancestral wisdom older than all civilizations, of this spirituality at the origin of all the others, the purest and closest to the ultimate truth.

Thanks to the principles, the precepts of Taoism, in particular of Ba Zi and Yi Xue, you can better understand yourself, better understand your existence and all its components. You can make better choices, to get what you want faster and more efficiently. You can be wiser, stronger, and better hold the reins of your existence.

During individual coaching sessions with Master Han, online, by Skype, you can discuss all topics in order to find the best way to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Master Han

As a Taoist Master, an “Immortal”, 僊, xiān, meaning that he knows the Secrets of Life, Master Han holds all the answers, to all the questions you may want to ask.

For you, his one and only question is: “Are you ready to listen and to learn?”

Your Personal Guidance
With Master Han

Individual Online Personal Guidance with Master Han is what you need! Thanks to one-to-one sessions with Master Han, you can ask him all the questions you want, on all subjects regarding Taoist Sciences and Philosophy. Master Han will share with you all his knowledge to best guide you on your path to understanding, fulfillment and happiness.

Master Han offers online individual guidance sessions only to selected disciples and customers. You first have to directly discuss with Master Han to ask for a guidance from him. 

Your Personal Guidance with Master Han can serve several purposes and can concern many methods and subjetcs.
Studying Feng Shui or Ba Zi principles and methods, assessing and confirming an audit or a reading that you made, reading your own Ba Zi Chart, asking the Yi Jing for a answer about a sticky situation, establishing your personal taoist diet, learning how to think in the best way for staying on your Tao and get what you desire…


Fēng Shuǐ

Science of Environment


Bā Zì

Science of Individuality


Yǐn Shí

Science of Alimentation


Yì Jīng

Science of Symboles


Yì Xué

Science of Consciousness

There is a knowledge for everyone, come find yours.

“Ignorance is the root of unhappiness. Knowledge is the key to happiness. Tao is the Way. Suffering is a symptom of a wrong path. Joy, health, success, wealth, are the rewards of the Way, of your Way. Find your Way! Stay on your Way! That’s all that matters. That’s only what you live for.”