Personalized Taoist Alimentation - Ebook

In this book, Master Han explains, in detail, his extraordinary and revolutionary method, allowing you to adjust your diet, according to your date of birth.

This unique method in the world allows you to balance your weight, regain and maintain your vitality and best preserve your health, in a completely natural way.

This book, which shakes up all the current dietetic codes, opens the way to a new way of eating, according to the ancestral principles of a five-millennium wisdom.

An must-read book for anyone who really cares about their diet and their health.

Author: Master Han.

“The Secret Way” Editions.

Ebook version – Pdf file.

Language: English

115 pages.

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Alimentation, a natural, fundamental, instinctive process, yet made complex, disturbing, anxiety-provoking, and very confusing, for the majority of humans, due to pernicious ideologies, aberrant pseudo-scientific concepts and a general lack of discernment.

Alimentation responds to a fundamental physiological need, that of nourishing the body so that it can develop, maintain its integrity and proper functioning.

This need is expressed by physical manifestations, such as the feeling of hunger or satiety, as well as by emotional manifestations, such as desire or disgust.

These manifestations are expressions of the body, which knows perfectly what it needs, what is beneficial to it, and which translates this into sensations, to which the mind is supposed to respond correctly, with a good choice of food.

However, many individuals do not respond properly to this vital, fundamental, instinctive need. Misled by notions that go against their nature, they make poor food choices and suffer many harmful consequences, on their weight, on their vitality, on their health.


  • Personalized Taoist Alimentation

  • The Five Elements

  • The Ba Zi Chart

  • The Five Elments Balance

  • Methodology

  • Specific Applications

  • Conclusion

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