The Dragons of Water - Ebook


The book that details all the Water Methods of Feng Shui, from the most basic to the most advanced.

In this book, Master Han tells you everything you need to know about the proper placement of water, as well as the use of waterways, natural or man-made.

Master Han describes in particular how you must combine all the methods and formulas of water for an optimal result.

With this exceptional and incomparable book, you will understand the real power of water, not only for homes and businesses, but also for cities and countries.

You will also discover the secrets of practicing the most advanced formulas, such as the Five Ghosts Carry Treasure, the Dragon Gate Eight Formations, the Twelve Growth Phases of Water, as well as the famous Water Dragon Classic.

For all the water methods existing within Feng Shui, Master Han also explains the methodology to you, in this case, how to position yourself to measure the directions of the water, how to use the Luo Pan for this, and how to create a “Water Dragon” from scratch.

By reading this book, you will also learn, of course, what are the principles to apply to place a pond or a swimming pool in your garden in order to attract prosperity.


Author: Master Han.

“The Secret Way” Editions.

Ebook version – Pdf file.

Language: English

208 pages.

USD $ 129.00

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Everyone knows that Feng Shui, 風水,fēng shuĭ, means Wind and Water, in Chinese. But whoever understands the true power of Water, really understands Feng Shui. Anyone who knows how to use the true power of Water really knows how to use Feng Shui.

The Water Formulas, including the very famous “Water Dragon” represent the Holy Grail of Feng Shui, the Philosopher’s Stone, the power of King Midas, creator of immeasurable fortune.

However, like the knights who set out in search of the sacred chalice, many practitioners have coveted and sought these ultimate formulas, but only a chosen few have truly acquired and mastered them.

The strength of our practice, as well as our teachings, lies in our ability to combine all the methods, from Sān Hé, Sān Yuán, Xuán Kōng Dà Guà and, possibly for those who do not classify them in Sān Hé, of the Yang Gong.


  • The Power of Water
  • Basics of Water Placement
  • Methodology of Water Formulas
  • The Water Star
  • The Sān Yuán Water Method
  • The Dragon Gate Eight Formations
  • The Sān Hé Combinations
  • The Tān Láng Nine Stars
  • The Five Ghosts Carry Treasure
  • The Bā Guà Nine Periods of Luck
  • The Twelve Growth Phases
  • The Water Dragon Classic
  • The Yáng Gōng Water Method
  • Conclusion

Excerpts from the book