Master Han Feng Shui Reference Charts

The ultimate tool for all Feng Shui practitioners and students.

All Feng Shui methods and formulas presented in a synthetic, clear and coherent way.

For easy and convenient use in every situation.

From Master Han’s incomparable experience.

Including :

  • Feng Shui fundamentals
  • San He combinations of road and water
  • Tan Lang 9 Stars for Water and Mountains
  • 5 Ghost Carry Treasure
  • San He Dragons methods
  • 12 Growth Phases of water
  • Water Dragon Classics
  • San Yuan Water method
  • Ba Zhai
  • Flying Stars for Period 7, 8 and 9
  • Monthly and Daily Stars
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua
  • Great Sun Touching the Mountains
  • Sun & Moon date selection method

Pdf file.

48 pages.

Language: English.

USD $ 490.00

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