Ba Zi, Taoist Science of Individuality - Ebook

The book that will make you understand the true method, the true meaning, the true practice of Ba Zi (八字).

The only book on the subject that is written by a true Taoist Master.

The only book that can initiate you to the true Taoist principles of Ba Zi.

Author: Master Han.

“The Secret Way” Editions.

Ebook version – Pdf file.

Language: English

172 pages.

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Bā Zì, 八字, means “Eight Words”, because eight ideograms form a birth chart, two for the year, two for the month, two for the day and two for the hour. We also use the name “Four Pillars”, 四柱, sì zhù, naming “Pillar” each pair of ideograms.

Ba Zi is not used, at all, to predict future events, nor to analyze past events.

Ba Zi does not define any level of luck over the course of life, over the passing years, months or days.

Ba Zi does not allow you to calculate the right time to undertake specific actions.

Ba Zi allows us to decode, to understand the innate in order to obtain the best possible acquired.

The Ba Zi analysis of the birth chart deciphers this true identity, reveals it and puts it forward, in the first place, as a priority.

Individuality is made up of preferences, aspirations. These aspirations constitute the common thread of the individual’s life path, of his Tao.

When guided by his true aspirations, the human being follows his Tao, the way, the path of life that leads him to happiness, to fulfillment, to accomplishment.



  • Ba Zi, Taoist Science

  • Ba Zi, Nature of the Individual

  • The Ba Zi Chart

    The Day Master

  • The Aspirations of Existence

  • Specific Applications

  • Methodology

  • Conclusion

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