Online Personal Training - The Dragons of Water

Your personal and private Feng Shui teaching by Master Han.
Complete training in all the Water Formulas of Feng Shui, through individual online sessions, with Master Han.
Including in particular the methods of San Yuan, San He, Xuan Kong, Tan Lang, Yang Gong and Shui Long Jing.

Push the limits of your knowledge and practice of Feng Shui!

Learn the secrets of using and correctly combining all water methods for optimal results!

With 2 hour Skype sessions, with as many sessions as necessary to cover all the lessons.

This training requires good basic knowledge in Traditional Feng Shui.

* As soon as your order is confirmed, Master Han will contact you to schedule an appointment for the first session.

* Payment by bank transfer also possible. Contact us to find out the terms and conditions.

USD $ 3,990.00

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