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Master Han 瀚子

Taoist Feng Shui Master

Author, consultant and teacher of international renown, Master Han uses his expertise to help you improve health, happiness and prosperity.

"Feng Shui is the Taoist Science of Harmony. Harmony comes when the place where you live exactly corresponds to what you want and to who you are. Your harmony is unique because your are unique."

Residential Audit

Residential Audit

A Feng Shui audit of your home can solve many problems and optimize all the beneficial resources for your health, your family, your career and your finances. The sooner, the better! Don't let bad situations become worse!

Corporate Audit

Corporate Audit

However companies success mainly depends on their human resources, their managers' ability and their employees productivity, Feng Shui is also a key factor that can sometimes make all the difference between success and failure.

Water Dragon

Water Dragon

The Water Dragon Classic is the most advanced and most subtle technique of Feng Shui, but it is also the most powerful. The Water Dragons, including those from natural configurations, build the fortunes of the richest people on the planet.

Water Dragon

Real Estate

Finding or building the best place for your residence or your business. Offering a full service, research, architecture, internal layout... respecting, at each step of the process, your expectations as well as the Feng Shui requirements.


About Master Han

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Master Han is a disciple of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. He founded the Wu Ji Academy for the transmission of Taoist wisdom and its disciplines.

Born the year of Earth Monkey (1968) in Cambodia from a French mother and a Vietnamese father, Master Han (瀚子 hàn zi) has lived in several countries, in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Having always lived at the crossroad of cultures and religions, he developed a global and penetrating vision of the world, nature and human beings as a Taoist scholar.

He inherited from his grandfather, who was a taoist healer, a natural sensitivity to the invisible forces that he learned to understand and respect. As a link with his grandfather, he found in Taoism and more specifically in Feng Shui, the path of fulfillment.

Following the steps of a Feng Shui Grandmaster for many years, Master Han has been involved in practicing and teaching Feng Shui in Europe, United States, Asia and Indian Ocean. As a Feng Shui Master he has benefited many companies, organizations and the private sector.

Master Han is one of the few Feng Shui Masters to hold the "Water Dragon" secret techniques and to have access, through "Kan Yu", the mystical origin of Feng Shui, to the spiritual dimension of Taoist arts: "Qi".

As a reward for his work in spearding Feng Shui in western countries, Master Han was appointed Ambassador for the Propaganda of Feng Shui Culture, by the City of Langzhong, Sichuan, China.

Master Han 瀚子
Taoist Feng Shui Master
Founder of Wu Ji Academy
Europe Representative for the International Feng Shui Culture Federation


Master Han's Fields of Expertise

Classical Taoist Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the science of analysing, canalizing and harnessing Qi of environment and dwellings to improve people's well-being, relationships and prosperity.

Feng Shui has many parameters that must all be taken into account to make correct assessments and efficient recommendations. All the methods and the skills of the master are used to identify and control all these parameters.

Master Han is an experienced Feng Shui Master in the methods of both San He (landscape and architecture) and San Yuan (time and space). He also masters specific methods such as Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagrams) and Ba Zhai (8 Mansions).

Master Han is specialized in the subtle applications of water formulas, including the famous Water Dragon Classic and Five Ghost Carry Treasure.

Ba Zi - Life Path Reading

Ba Zi is an ancient discipline made to analyze the "Life Path" of a person through their date of birth.

Master Han uses Ba Zi to help people understand themselves and find their Way.

Taoist Yi Jing

Yi Jing, the Book of Changes, describes the cosmic order and laws of the Universe.

Yi Jing is used to reaveal hidden truth by interpretation of signs. It is very useful to make decision or to analyze a choice or a situation.

Master Han has developped in strong and subtle experience in Feng Shui by making audits and consultations in more than 80 cities in Europe, USA, Asia and Indian Ocean.


Contact, inquiry, apointment

A better Feng Shui can bring you better luck for your health, your family relations, your carreer, your business, your wealth...

A Feng Shui master can work on all cases and always applies his best skills to answer each particular situation.

Hiring a Feng Shui master is an involving process which requires a real commitment of everyone and will bring tangible and longlasting results.

If you want Master Han to audit your home, your business or to conduct your building project, please call +41.21.943.3623 (Switzerland) or send an email to submit your request.

According to your situation and the nature of your request, Master Han will explain the options available to you and the conditions for his work.